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Why choose Garden Family Dental for general dentistry?

  • We can handle even extremely challenging cases. Dr. Hong is the primary general dentist at Garden Family Dental and is a uniquely well-trained general dentist who is able to handle a wide variety of difficult cases, including full-mouth rehabilitation – the most complicated procedure in dentistry.
  • You have options on how to manage your pain or anxiety. Dr. Hong is also certified to provide IV sedation for patients who have dental anxiety. Only a few general dentists in the Dallas area are certified to provide IV sedation.
  • You can trust the quality of our work. We pursue perfection. We know that nothing can be perfect, but we want to be close to it. We don’t skip any basic steps or material that could possibly cause failure of your dental work.
  • You can trust that we will treat you right. You can be sure we will be open about everything related to your dental work and put your well-being first above all other considerations. Nothing about your treatment plan is hidden, and nothing should ever be a surprise.
  • You can feel comfortable to talk about any of your concerns. We are very open to discuss any aspect of treatment, and we won’t pressure you into a treatment plan that isn’t right for you. We understand that people’s budgets are always tight and that you may have other concerns that also shape your decisions about your dental care (for example, dental anxiety or time constraints).
  • If you visit Garden Family Dental, you’ll be in good hands.

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