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Cosmetic Dentistry

Why choose Garden Family Dental for your aesthetic cases?

  • We coordinate closely with our labs to ensure utmost quality. We use a professional dental-grade DSLR camera to analyze your teeth color, shape and ratio to make the most beautiful teeth specific only to you. Then we diligently communicate with the dental technicians who make your veneers and crowns. Finally, we work with you to ensure your satisfaction with the end result.
  • We take our time to ensure quality. We are not in a hurry to make veneers and crowns and put them in your mouth. We take the time required to make beautiful wax-ups that are built up based on your specific face shape and ratios.
  • You have a chance to review the work before its complete. Using our wax-ups, you can see the final look even before Dr. Song touches your teeth with drill. If you want to adjust it, Dr. Hong will be happy to repeat that procedure until you’re satisfied.
  • We offer you the best technology and ultimate freedom of choice to get the best result. We understand that aesthetics are very subjective. The color of your teeth is yours to determine, and you can go to a professional dental studio to choose the best color for your teeth with color experts. We also use a special facial and dental analyzer to analyze your dimensions to decide the most beautiful ratios of your future teeth.

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