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Cleaning Teeth and Reducing Pocket Depth

Why choose Garden Family Dental for your teeth cleaning?

  • We use special techniques to best understand your oral hygiene and help you improve it. We use a special solution that exposes unseen plaque to analyze your oral hygiene. Dr. Hong applies the most recent technology on top of the strong basic traditional dentistry to stop active disease and improve your gums.
  • We work to save you money, time, and discomfort. We believe your oral hygiene – cleaning at home and the dental office – is the most important tool to save you lots of money and keep your beautiful natural teeth. So we demonstrate how to brush and floss your teeth using personalized techniques depending your specific plaque pattern. This helps you avoid future dental work.
  • We have trained with the specialists to give you the best service possible. Dr. Hong has trained extensively with multiple periodontists (specialists) and knows the specialist standard to improve your gums and the bones structure under your teeth.

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